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Shoe cleaning guide in Phoenix, AZ

Clean shoes look and feel great - - and your shoes will stay that way longer if you take proper care of them. One extra reason for having clean shoes is to avoid foot problems, most common foot problems actually arises from badly fitted or badly ventilated shoes. Many people start to clean their shoes after they are dusty or stained, but shoe cleaning should be started when your shoes are new.When your shoes are new use beewax or other products to protect them from dirt. This treatment helps your new shows to last longer. Clean suede shoes Suede can get spoiled more easily the regular leather, so always spray new shoes with a protecting spray. Remove mud ad dust with suede cleaning brush regularly and use protecting spray after the cleaning treatment. Clean scruff marks from suede shoes with the suede cleaning brush or with pencil eraser/crepe rubber. Clean leather shoes You should clean and polish your leather shoes once or twice a month. But before polishing or waterproofing, you must clean leather shoes from dirt. Shoe brushes are useful when removing dirt and dabris. Salt stains can be removed with mixture of 1 cup of hot water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix the ingredients well and apply to leather shoe with soft rag. Gently scrubbing stained area and allow to air dry. Use shoe polishes to polish your leather shoes. Wax polishes should be used on leather shoes which are exposed regularly to outdoor elements and dirt. Clean white shoes Remember to protect your white shoes against dirt with protection spay if possible. Shoe cleaners for white shoes, come in gels, sprays, wax, foams and creams. Depending the textile and material you can also use toothpaste to clean your white shoes. White shoes might need bit more cleaning that other shoes, depending on use. Before using any cleaning products, read the instructions first, to find out if the product is suitable for your shoes. Clean canvas shoes Canvas shoes are considered to be low-maintenance footwear. If your canvas shoes are muddy, let them dry before cleaning. Loose dirt can be knocked off by tapping the soles together. Rinse canvas shoes with warm water, you can use old toothbrush or nylon bristle brush for cleaning your canvas shoes. Some canvas shoes can be washed in washing machine, in these cases follow the manufacturer´s instructions.



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