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Wish your home in Peoria, AZ was more organized?  Wish your house was more organized? Consider these 10 habits of people with organized houses. Which habits could you incorporate?

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10 Habits of People With Organized Houses

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10 Habits of People With Organized Houses


Do you ever wonder how organized people keep their homes in order? I always love reading about the daily routines and habits of others and shared several of my own in Love The Home You Have. Lately I’ve been doing some thinking about what habits are helpful or necessary, particularly in home organization.

Here’s what I came up with! What are some other organizational habits you think are important? Which ones do you struggle with the most?

1) Organized people understand why organization is important

They recognize that being organized is a key to their success and happiness. Rather than viewing organization as a chore that keeps them too busy to enjoy life, they understand that organization contributes positively to their well-being. They feel less stress because they can find what they want, clean up is a breeze, they are more prepared for their day to achieve and accomplish their goals. They know that organization helps them to be set up to be financially successful. Organization and order in their life allows them to be more spontaneous and giving when they see a need.

2) They’re selective with what they buy and keep

This is a big one! They are not emotionally attached or hindered by stuff. When considering a purchase, they think about more than just the cost or the benefit of ownership. They also consider how that purchase could effect negatively impact their space or life. They assess what the new item will cost them in time, upkeep, or additional clutter. They often have a system where they give away one thing for every new thing they bring in to their home so they can maintain the balance and order of their home.

3) They say “I’ll do that now” not “I’ll do that later”

Organized people are determined to avoid the pile up of clutter. They take care of messes and disorder before they grow into big projects. They put their clothes directly into the hamper. Not on the bed, not on the floor, not in the bathroom…straight to the hamper! They have a place for everything and make it a habit to put things away right away. If it will only take a few minutes to do, they complete the task right away rather than saving it for later.

4) They are intentional about their mornings

They set the tone for each day by being productive right away. Simple daily tasks such as making the bed and tidying up the bathroom (before they begin their daily work) helps them to set the tone for the day and inspires them to continue to be orderly, systematic and efficient.

5) They know how to prioritize

They might have a long to-do list, but they are always careful to prioritize. They create daily task lists to keep themselves focused on their goals for each day in priority order, and they focus on completing each task one by one until it’s done. They use a large notepad or a daily calendar so they don’t waste time searching for paper scraps or writing little notes in multiple locations.

They are careful not to say ‘yes’ to everything that comes their way and they feel free to say no when something will negatively impact their schedule or order of their home. They are also able to easily prioritize more time for the people and fun in their life due to the efficiency with how they complete household tasks and daily work assignments.

6) They have manageable organizing systems they can realistically maintain

Organized people do not necessarily have every shelf labeled, every closet color-coded, or every drawer ready to be photographed for a magazine. Organized people know how to utilize systems that work well for them. The minute a system becomes too complicated to maintain, they find a solution that makes it more effortless and foolproof. They understand that complicated systems are just that, too complicated to maintain or remember. They have a place for everything so they can find what they need in five minutes or less.

7) They delegate

Organized people are delegators.  They are effective at creating opportunities for others. They make it a priority to divide responsibility and are organized enough themselves to keep people on task and hold others accountable.

8) They cut the excuses and implement solutions

Rather than offering excuses for why they are disorganized, organized people find solutions.

9) They keep surfaces clear

Organized people have an aversion to cluttered surfaces. They pick things up off the floor every day and clear counters regularly. They aren’t necessarily minimalists, they simply resolve to maintain order so when clutter appears, it is recognized as something that doesn’t belong and can instantly be taken care of.

10) They have systems for papers

They have a shredder and a recycling bin. They set up a location in their home and in their place of business for important papers such as bills, filing, and items such as invitations or contracts or warranties they will need in the future. They don’t set papers all over the house or in piles on their desk and floor. When they bring the mail in, they immediately shred or recycle what they don’t need. They set up a simple filing system or location for bills to pay and a place to put bills (or immediately shred them) when the bill is paid.


10 Habits of People With Organized Houses - The Inspired Room blog


What habits could you incorporate to better the organization and efficiency of your home?