Affordable House Cleaning in Glendale, AZ, How to clean your outdoor Light fixtures

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Cleaning you Outdoor Light Fixtures

It always looks nice when you walk up to someone's home and see bright lights coming from the light fixtures and not dirt and cobwebs.  But before you start cleaning you will want to review these safety tips first.

Safety Tips

  • Turn off the power source (breaker) to your lights.
  • When using a ladder, make sure it is stable before climbing.
  • While cleaning, do not get water in the light bulb socket or on the end of the light bulb
  • Make sure all parts are dry before reassembling the light fixture and turning it on.

To Clean

You will want to get yourself a plastic bucket and fill it with warm soapy water; we recommend a cotton cloth to wash and a microfiber cloth for drying, grab a screwdriver, and a few light bulbs.  Take apart the light fixtures, dip the glass into the bucket that has your soapy water in it, clean with the your cotton cloth until all the dirt comes off, then dry with the microfiber cloth, and then change the light bulb if needed.

Another idea is to remove the glass portion of the light fixture and place in the top rack of your dishwasher and that way you’ll have a sparkling clean light fixture with little effort. This small effort will make the exterior of your home look gorgeous – those lights will shine much brighter now.

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