Our Peoria, AZ House Cleaning



You know, there have been a lot of changes since the early days of custodial and house cleaning techniques. The first, of course, was conducted with a bucket of water, usually fairly dirty rather quickly, and an old rag. Cane brooms were the item used to keep the floor as clean as possible and carpets didn't come around until much later. This was good because the first vacuum was operated by steam and needed three people to run it! Let's jump ahead to the modern world where we have cleansers for every conceivable surface. We also have disinfectants that can ensure no germs, bacteria or allergens can withstand our assault on them. Our Peoria, AZ House Cleaning staff have been trained in all of the many aspects of cleaning your home and we use those skill sets to create a cleaning program just or your home.


This means the type of cleaning, the frequency in which it is performed and the types of supplies used is all approved by you, beforehand. The various type of cloths available will actually amaze you as to what they can be used for and how they are used. The cleansers, or lack of them, in many cases, will assist you in your desire to stay as environmentally friendly as possible.


Since the world has gone more and more to the Green Peoria, AZ House Cleaning side of things, we have that covered as well. The many cleansers that can actually be consumed by humans is amazing, although, of course, we are rarely found doing this. The changes and technological advances that makes the vacuuming and shampooing of carpets possible has taken great strides as well. There are models of vacuums that will not only cleanup all of the dirt dust and other soils present, but also leave a pleasant fragrance in its wake makes this task easier and easier, which means faster house cleaning for you by our expert technicians.