Our Glendale, AZ House Cleaning Services Can Begin With The Construction Of Your Home

When thinking about the construction of a new home, you might consider, during this time, the cleanup of the messy construction site and who you are going to use to keep it clean as well as for Glendale, AZ house cleaning going forward. We can design a program that will keep your site clean and make way for a better transition to occupying the house once it is ready.

The beginnings of your new home starts with the laying of the foundation and the pouring of the slab to which everything else will be attached. The amount of debris, depending on the construction crew, could be amazing if you have never seen a new build site. Paper, large boxes and trash is usually littered around this site and must be picked up by conscientious personnel, such as ours.

By keeping every step of the process clean and orderly, we assist the crew, and therefore your project, on track. The beginning stages of house cleaning means that poured floors and the wooden structure built upon it is swept and, in some cases, vacuumed to remove dust and dirt that can interfere with following steps in the process.

As the project moves forward, we handle all of the cleaning that is needed as far as site cleanliness and window cleaning as they get installed. This entails not only washing the glass, but also the removal of stickers and joint compound that gets all over many things, as well as glazier or sealant compounds that often coat much of the glass. We move into a dusting phase as things begin to get enclosed. This is when Glendale, AZ house cleaning starts becoming a little more recognizable.

Our job does not end until we finish the punch list final cleaning the inspector generates that have us cleaning smudges from walls, detail vacuuming and then cleaning carpets that had a lot of debris scattered over their surfaces.


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