Our Cleaning Services In Laveen, AZ Is Reliable

 We own and operate a successful and reputable house cleaning company that provides many cleaning services in Laveen, AZ that will help keep your home neat and tidy. Our maids are very efficient and will thoroughly clean your home.

You can fix your cleaning plan to suit your needs and you can change the plan at anytime you wish. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning schedules.

Our maids are bonded and insured and are highly skilled. They are well-trained and will dust and polish your bedroom furniture. Plus, they will vacuum your carpet and under the beds. In addition, they will clean your bedroom windows. Also, the maids will put fresh linen on the beds and will sterilize the door handles and knobs as waste baskets in the bedrooms.

The maids will thoroughly clean the mirrors, toilet and vanity in the bathroom. Plus, they will scrub your tub and shower walls and will wash the windows in the bathroom. In addition, they will mop the bathroom floor and will polish the sink and tub fixtures.

Other cleaning services in Laveen, AZ include vacuuming the carpeting in the dining room, home office and in the den and living room. Plus, the maids will dust and polish your dining room and living room furniture as well as dust shelves and polish your wooden tables and chairs.

In your kitchen, the maids will clean and sanitize your kitchen cabinets, counter-tops and sink and will clean the outside of your refrigerator and stove as well as the burners on the stove. They team will also clean small appliances such as your can opener, toaster and microwave oven. The maids will also clean and sterilize your kitchen chairs and table and will mop the floor.

If you want your home be meticulously cleaned, contact us and ask about the many cleaning services in Laveen, AZ we provide.

Our Cleaning Services In Laveen, AZ Is Reliable


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