Getting Residential Cleaning Glendale, AZ Services Is As Easy As Picking Up The Phone

The cleaning that can happen, in your home, with our residential cleaning Glendale, AZ service, is different than those same services offered to a commercial building only in terms of amount of rooms and sizes. Our professional staff has the same love of a clean surface as you do, especially in spaces, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. You have been cleaning your home ever since you acquired it to provide a clean and safe place for your family and we honor that desire with critical cleaning and services, such as laundry and porch cleaning, if desired.

What our trained, insured and bonded residential cleaning Glendale, AZ professionals like to do, on the first visit, is to deep clean all areas we will be responsible for. We might send several other cleaners with your personally assigned cleaner to ensure a complete job is accomplished. This is undertaken to ensure every room is completely cleaned, under, over, behind and above everything.

This initial cleaning is done, as all cleaning is done, with green cleansers, techniques and processes. All dirt, dust, other soils and germs, bacteria and allergens are removed from every surface. All fixtures, counter tops and appliances are scrubbed down and sanitized. This includes the bathroom, living and dining rooms as well as any other spaces, such as a family room. You will actually be amazed at the dirt and other soils we will find that others, including other cleaning companies, miss or not care to pay attention to when they are supposedly cleaning.

After that initial cleaning, our residential cleaning Glendale, AZ technician will continue to pay the proper attention to detail on all occasions we visit. The task sheet or list will be developed by us and you to deal with everything you no longer wish to do. That is certainly worth a phone call, isn’t it?


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