Five Reasons You Should Choose Our Litchfield Park, AZ Cleaning Services

We want to clean your home for you. We've been offering cleaning services in the Phoenix - Tucson area for almost 20 years. We've been named the regions best cleaning service for three of the last four years and we're eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Here are five reasons you should choose us to clean your home.

1. We have a proven track record. The evidence of this is in those rewards. Further proof of our skill, diligence and professionalism is apparent in the testimonials we've received from many satisfied customers over the years. You can see some of these elsewhere on this site.

2. We offer schedules and services to meet your needs and budget. Besides regular daily, weekly, bi weekly and monthly cleanings, we also do "deep cleaning" and move in/move out cleanings. If you own a vacation home in the area we can have it spic and span for your arrival. If you want to maximize your recreation right to the last minute don't worry, we'll clean up after you.

3. We offer Litchfield Park, AZ cleaning services on every day of the week except Sunday. However, if you have an "ox in the ditch" situation (absolutely must have your cleaning done on Sunday) just let us know and we'll accommodate you.

4. Our employees (and they are employees, not subcontractors) are top notch. We do thorough background and reference checks, train them to our high standards and all are bonded and insured.

5. We are very thorough. Check out the extensive list of cleaning tasks we complete regularly elsewhere on this site.

Let's discuss how we can help you.

 We haven't even mentioned the reasonable prices or great customer service you'll get when you decide to use our Litchfield Park, AZ cleaning services. Contact us today.


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