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How to clean your microwave and keep smells out of your refrigerator in Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


  • If you want to clean your microwave without chemicals, we recommend using a cup of water and put it inside your microwave and heat for two minutes. This creates steam inside, so you can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the appliance down and remove any residue or stuck-on bits of food.
  • Mystery refrigerator smells can be frustrating. Don't allow plates of leftovers or spilled milk to build up over time. Wipe infected areas clean as soon as possible and use a deodorizer to keep future smells from overtaking your refrigerator. While baking soda is the most popular, We recommend using activated charcoal, an open cup of unused coffee grounds or a cut lemon (flesh side up). Cotton balls with a couple drops of vanilla extract placed in the back of your refrigerator is another option. Whatever you use, remember to change the deodorizer frequently for best results.

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