A Peoria, AZ House Cleaner Is Available For Your Vacation Or Rental Home

You have more than your primary home if you have a vacation place. This means two bedrooms spread out in two houses. It means two kitchens and two sets of bathrooms. It also means more than one house that gets dirty. A Peoria, AZ house cleaner, assigned by us to you can, depending on the location of that vacation home, assist you in keeping this house clean while you are there.

A great thing about having a trained, insured and bonded house cleaner, at your disposal, is that we can ensure you will have a clean and healthy vacation home to go back to after the season is over. This is accomplished with our Vacation Rental Home Services. No one wants to take off for their vacation and arrive at a dirty, abandoned looking structure and, we believe, you are of the same opinion.

Since all of the Peoria, AZ house cleaner teams we have are trained in all areas of cleaning and facility management, we can make sure your home away from home is just the way you want when you get there.

Our cleaner, assigned to your home will:

  • Check for any damage from previous tenants.
  • Remove and launder any linen, towels and other fabric items and placed where they belong for your use.
  • Completely clean and sanitize the entire home. This will include kitchen, bathroom(s) and storage spaces. This also includes removing any food from the refrigerator and cabinets so sanitary conditions are the order of the day.
  • Cleaning off all decks, patios and hosing down any natural debris will help present a welcoming home for you.
  • Other tasks can be arraigned and instructions will be followed to the letter.
  • The beauty of this program is that it is also available for the houses you rent out. This is to ensure the cleanliness of your house after the previous tenant leaves and before you show it to the next potential renters.


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